Course 1

NFT/Crypto Bootcamp 💰

Everything you need to know about crypto, NFTs & blockchain.

Resource 1

$1M Wealth-Builder Budgeting Sheet

Use this sheet to set your financial goal, track your finances, get your spending in order and start building towards $1M by 2030 (or sooner).

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Resource 2

Real Estate Wealth Hacking: How To 10X Your Net Worth In 18 Months

Download a copy of Tribal Chief Philip Michael’s best-selling real estate guide on xhow to get your first rental property using FHA, living rent-free and how to turn $500 (a month) into a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

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Resource 3

5-Minute Real Estate Profitability Model [INVESTOR FRIENDLY]

This intuitive spreadsheet helps you assess profitability of any real estate deal in 10 minutes or less—AND gives you a presentation you can take to investors or lenders. This is the same model that allowed one of our TRIBE Moderators to get an additional $50K from a lender in 30 minutes. Comes with a guide as well.

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Resource 4

[SAMPLE CONTRACT] Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement

A sample single-member Operating Agreement. NOTE: TRIBE does not give legal advice and you should consult an attorney before executing any agreements.

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Resource 5

NYCE Startup P&L Template (Profits & Losses)

The P&L Template is a MUST for any business owner, freelancer or solopreneur looking to start and scale a business. The sheet helps you get a basic overview of your businesses’ operations, cash flows, expenses and more.

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Resource 6

[PRESENTATION] How To Own Real Estate For $1000 Or Less

A presentation created for the Real Estate Wealth Building Series with Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche, this presentation shows you how you can own real estate for $1000 (or less).

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