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    Apply via our form and connect with other doers as driven as you.

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    Attend our weekly webinars, workshops, panels, conferences, and networking events.

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    Receive targeted coaching & mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs, tech CEOs and professional investors.

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    Execute on your shared goals in groups, monitored by the TRIBE. We call these Cyrcles.



TRIBE™ is a wealth-building collective of entrepreneurs, investors, wealth-hackers and hustlers.


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What People Are Saying

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRIBE™?

They say that if you hang around five millionaires, you’ll become the sixth. (That s*&% is real AF.) But how do you actually find that?

Well, that’s what TRIBE is.

TRIBE is an exclusive wealth-building collective for our #wealthgang, anchored around NYCE’s company-wide mission to help 100,000+ people become millionaires by 2030.

Our members range from beginners and students to PhD’s, six-figure earners and self-made millionaires. Our aim is to provide the access, education and community to make that a reality.

Through collaboration, networking, coaching and a regular series of exclusive, impactful events, TRIBE is created to become your community of like-minded (current and future) Millionaires.

And everyone is treated equally.

Is TRIBE™ free?

Yes, you can join the TRIBE™ community here, connect with other like-minded folks, get free articles, exclusive videos and 50+ premium events.

For more in-depth information, intimate events, tailored coaching, access to funding and more, you can sign up for TRIBE+ here. There’s a 7-day trial and you can cancel anytime.

Who are the TRIBE members?

Our members range from beginners and students to professional athletes, PhD’s, six-figure earners and self-made millionaires. And you can interact with—and learn from—them through the TRIBE community.

Do I receive coaching and mentorship?

Yes. But that’s for TRIBE+ only and there are limited seats.

What does my TRIBE membership include?

See the plans here. Think of it as a network of mentors, access to 50+ events a year, coffee dates, coaching, resources, mentorship—a virtual community of successful people to ensure you become successful, too. Check out our calendar here for upcoming events.

Who are the speakers and mentors in TRIBE?

Just go look in the events calendar. It is LIT. 🔥😎

As a rule of thumb, our speakers have to have cleared the $1M+ threshold in some form or fashion—and that’s the baseline MINIMUM.

In other words, think of TRIBE™ as your own private Clubhouse/Zoom where a random millionaire can pop up at any given time.


What can I expect to learn?

You’ll basically learn the growth mindset—what it takes to be successful.

By interacting with accomplished entrepreneurs, you’ll learn their habits first-hand, absorb their superpowers, and learn how they started.

In terms of tools, here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • How to think like a millionaire
  • Managing money (budgeting, investing and planning)
  • How to launch a startup
  • Getting your first real estate deals
  • How to invest in stocks (and which to pick)
  • Goal-setting
  • Finding mentors and successful friends
  • How to raise money
  • Business systems and financial analysis

We start off the program by setting goals for the year, which we will fill into a personal budget/investing plan. But that’s just the baseline.

That said, it’s up to you to make sure you do what you want to do for you.

What would we like to see in TRIBAL members?

Overall, it’s a vibe in our #wealthgang. We love to have fun, joke around and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. And while this mostly applies to TRIBE+ members, we are extremely protective of our culture, which centers around a few attributes:

PATIENCE: There are gross misconceptions about how money works, success works. Are you willing to make the extra call? Knock on extra doors? More importantly, do you have the discipline to accept that you won’t see exponential success for at least 36 months? That’s one of the biggest challenges for people. To do the grunt work day in, day out while nothing happens...until it does.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Mistakes aren’t mistakes unless nothing is learned from them—and if so, they’re the greatest blessings in your journey. However you have to be able to accept accountability for them as well as anything else in life. Even if someone did something to you, even if you aren’t liable, you’re still accountable. For someone to do something to you.

INTROSPECTION: Are you willing or able to be radically open-minded (to use a Ray Dalio phrase) about your capabilities? Not what you’d like to be good at but what you’re actually good at. Can you accept constructive criticism without taking it personally? If you’re sensitive, combative or like to be right, you can literally go to hell. This is not for you. (This is Philip typing here. And yes, I mean it. 😠)

“LET THAT SHIT GO, CHAMP”: Everyone in life has an experience in life—especially in 2020—that carries some form of trauma. We understand that and we empathize with that. But here’s the reality of life—no one gives a fuck. We just gotta get on with it. That carries discomfort because attachment to trauma can actually be comfortable. But in order to succeed, we gotta let that shit go and move on.

CHARACTER: We look extremely closely at this. Are you kind? Are you a giver or a taker? Do you complain or do you practice gratitude? Do you see obstacles in your path or do you embrace them challenges to toughen you? These are ultra critical things in your journey to success. But overall, do you like to have fun? Do you get offended easily? Life is MUCH tougher than any lesson we could ever teach.

These are the things we not only look for but also try to instill.

What are the TRIBE Culture Guidelines?

Over the past 12 months, we’ve helped over 4000 people become first-time real estate owners, thousands more invest for the first time and (hopefully) sparked inspiration in others. For that reason, we’re extremely protective of our TRIBE Culture. Our TRIBE is open to everyone. But to be a part is very simple: Be honest, honor your word and always be kind to your TRIBE.

To be fair, we rarely have to enforce it because it’s an environment of total empathy and togetherness. Healthy debates and exploration are great. However, goes without saying, disrespecting fellow members, harassment and using bad, dismissive language towards the coaches, instructors and Community Managers is an automatic lifetime ban.

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